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Emiliano Rigoni Argentina Camiseta
05-08-2018, 08:02 AM
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Emiliano Rigoni Argentina Camiseta
A gun barrel of a T64BV tank in front of Mykhaylo Gold Domes Cathedral in Kiev on February 21 Lucas Biglia Copa Mundial Camiseta , 2015 at an exhibition of Russian weapons captured from pro-Russian rebels (AFP PhotoSergei Supinsky)
Kiev - Ukraine lost 179 troops in a month-long battle with pro-Russian rebels that ended in defeat over the key eastern town of Debaltseve, an advisor to the country's president said.

If the figure is confirmed, it would represent one of the bloodiest losses suffered by the Ukrainian side in the 10-month conflict.

Kiev has officially given a toll of 13 soldiers killed on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Debaltseve was overrun by the pro-Russian separatists in defiance of a UN-backed truce.

The advisor Leandro Paredes Copa Mundial Camiseta , Yuri Biryukov, said in a Facebook post late Friday that in the month between January 18 and February 18, an estimated 179 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Debaltseve.

He confirmed Kiev's official count that 110 soldiers were captured by the rebels, but said another 81 were missing.

????Pro-Russian rebels leave the eastern Ukrainian city of Debaltseve after on February 20 German Pezzella Copa Mundial Camiseta , 2015 (AFP PhotoAndrey Borodulin)

"One hundred and seventy-nine fell (died) over the month. In fact it will be more than that, some of the missing will inevitably be dead," Biryukov wrote.

The rebels have said they found the bodies of 57 soldiers after they took control of Debaltseve, along with many abandoned weapons including 28 tanks. They said they had taken hundreds of troops prisoner.

Some 2 Federico Fazio Copa Mundial Camiseta ,500 soldiers made it out of the town.

Biryukov said the rebels overwhelmed the town by throwing "five to seven times" more fighters at it than the number of troops inside.

Journalists who entered the town after the rebel offensive found a shattered landscape of burnt-out army vehicles, craters and shell-shocked civilians who had sheltered in cellars.

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko had claimed the retreat from Debaltseve on Wednesday was "orderly" and organised. But surviving soldiers contradicted that and spoke of a sudden and mad race out of the town under heavy fire.

The defeat has generated loud criticism in Ukraine against Poroshenko's military commanders, with many soldiers and civilians accusing them of incompetence by keeping troops in Debaltseve well after it became clear that it was virtually surrounded by the rebels.

The United States and European Union have called the rebel rout of Ukraine forces in the town a "clear violation" of the ceasefire meant to have been in effect since February 15, and accused Russia of playing a direct role in the insurgency.

However the West is maintaining its support of the truce Emanuel Mammana Copa Mundial Camiseta , hoping it will eventually take effect and cool Ukraine's conflict. There is little appetite, especially in EU states, for punitive action that could lead to a further escalation of the fighting.


Science fiction stories are something which have been and continue to remain very popular up to this day. It is a category of which many people consider to be speculative fiction, and it often features rather fantastical elements Sergio Romero Copa Mundial Camiseta , principles and feats of scientific endeavor. It is quite common in a lot of books, films and television shows which people watch today. One of the more common traits of science fiction tends to be that it is either set in the far or reasonably far future or within an internal historical time line. Conventions all around the world are often held celebrating the works of various authors who specialize with this type of literature and many works have huge followings behind them.

It is also a regular theme of a lot of shows on the TV today, some of which can be set in the present although a few are also futuristic in their nature. Such stories often have an interesting impact and influence on society today, as many people constantly wonder about what the future might be like.

A decent story from this category of literature will allows feature technologies which have not been invented yet Cristian Pavon Argentina Camiseta , or types of science that haven’t been proven by today’s standards. A very good example would be the likes of artificial intelligence, set in futuristic stories whereby robots generally live alongside humans. This could always change, however, as many feature machines and humans in conflict.

Another common theme is that of the space opera Fernando Belluschi Argentina Camiseta , in which the story is set in a universe where faster than light travel is possible, and civilization has spread out amongst the stars and onto different planets.

A lot of the time, it is thought of as being more science fantasy than fiction, and elements which are contained within the book or novel itself will often contain technology and powers which have a loose scientific basis. Today Emiliano Rigoni Argentina Camiseta , one can find many examples of the space opera genre in many DVD and book stores.

“Hard” science fiction is another kind which takes a much harder look at the world of scientific research and what might possibly be made of it. Usually, the writer themselves will do a lot of research into a specific topic and try and see how much of it they could get away with being plausible. Whilst science fantasy might hold quasi-mystical or mystical elements, the hard version tends not to be so lax with their regulations.

Many people believe that such a genre is simply the human race trying to think up different possibilities for the futures of the kind. A lot of technologies once laughed at are now used every day in modern society.

Thank you for reading our science fiction article. We hope you enjoyed this article on stories. Watch for more science fiction book articles soon from http:digitalsciencefiction .

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